Monday, February 23, 2009

School is in session

One of the hot topics of conversation on the island yesterday was the big storm that was bearing down on the state.  People wanted to know if the meeting with the Island Institute's retail store manager to be held at our house was going to be postponed.  Kaitlyn and Bill (who was going to travel from Brunswick) decided it best to postpone the meeting since he and Lisa from Archipalaego (the Institute's store) wouldn't make it.  The whole purpose of the meeting is for island artists to meet with Lisa to discuss how our artists might get shelf space and representation among other things at the Institute's retail store in Rockland.  They plan to reschedule the meeting for next week.

We woke up this morning with just a couple of inches on the ground.  I looked online, and around the state towns were reporting to have upwards of 10" or more.  As I sit here and write the snow has started to fall much faster.  I looked up all the cancellations, it looks like there are not many places that do have school today.  Looking out the large picture window in the living room I can see our town's two room school house.  I could see the kids running around in the school yard.  They are one of the few exceptions today.  Our school rarely cancels school.  Since the students all walk and ride their bikes to school there is no concern for buses traveling the roads like towns on the mainland have.  The only reason for school to be cancelled is if the power is out.  If the power is out, then the school doesn't have heat.  This year school has been cancelled only once, and that is rare.  Our students are always out for summer vacation in early June.

We do have three students who travel each day on the mail boat from Great Cranberry Island to Little Cranberry Island to attend school.  I wonder if they made it over today.  I don't know if the boat ran this morning or not.  The wind is blowing hard today and whipping the snow around.  I am glad that I am here and don't have to travel far to get to work or to the post office.  It is a good day to hunker down inside drinking tea. 

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