Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Every two months or so we make a trip to southern Maine. The reasons vary, holidays, family gatherings, we need supplies for Kaitlyn's pottery business that can only be obtained in Portland. This weekend we had a wedding to attend in Freeport. There is always a flurry to get ready to go, pack everything, (try not to forget anything), catch the boat, load the car, and then drive three hours. The drive south is actually the most relaxing time for me, we have left the island behind, anything we forgot we can make do without. I try and shut off the work side of my brain, and enjoy being off island. No matter the reason for going south, it is the return home (the Re-Entry) that is the difficult part. It is so easy for me to get used to all of the conveniences of the "off island" world.

The re-entry this weekend was particularly hard. I had such a busy last couple of weeks trying to hit deadlines. I pulled some late nights and just barely did it. That is the nature of this time of year in "vacationland." Upon re-entry on Tuesday I didn't even know where to start, it took me all day to get my head back into being on island. Not until Wednesday did I become productive again.

So goes life as an islander, we must go off island occassionaly for provisions as well as for sanity sake, but coming back has it's own level of difficulty.

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