Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice Island style.

We are experiencing our first Nor'easter today.  A nor'easter is usually a big storm.  The winds come from the north east carrying a lot of moisture with it.  If it is cold enough it turns to snow.  At 10 o'clock tonight we have about 9 inches.  

This storm happens to coincide with the winter solstice.  A woman on the island reinstated an old tradition of having a bonfire on the beach in celebration of light.  A group built a big pile of wood and touched it off around 7:30.  It took a little prodding but finally caught.  It was sending the most beautiful sparks into the air where it was mixing with the snow that was falling.  With the wave from the high tide lapping nearby it was a wondrous experience.  

We go to bed tonight, the longest night of the year.  Tomorrow we'll wake to the days getting longer.  Albeit only a few short seconds each day.  But it is a reminder that no day is like the other.  Tomorrow the sun rises at 7:10 am, the next a little earlier.  I am not wishing winter away by any means.  I look forward to many more snow storms. 

We of course forgot our camera, but I hope to capture some from other who were there.   

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