Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter is coming to town

The mainland recently experienced an ice storm that knocked out power all over the state.  Here on LCI we had really different weather.  Lots of rain, and super intense winds.  The amazing thing though, is while everyone else had cold air we had temps in the 40's.  This island and probably all islands off shore in Maine have unique weather.  There is no sense in listening to the weather reports on the radio or television, their predictions never fit what we have.  We have had some cold snaps, but surprisingly the temperatures have been quite mild here.  I certainly don't mind since I haven't bought any long johns yet.

Tonight we are experiencing high winds, it sounds like a train is coming.  I have found myself on many an occasion spellbound by the waves that are created by the wind.  Looking out from Gilley beach on Friday, waves were breaking everywhere.  This month's full moon was the biggest and brightest of the year.  This meant that we had extra high and low tides.  On Saturday afternoon the tide was the lowest I have ever seen  This made going up the ramp from the float to the wharf in NE Harbor super steep.  

The boat rides are getting more exciting as a result of these winter winds.  Lots of sea spray coming over the bow.  Some of it freezing to the sides of the boat on cold days.  I am always amazed when watching  boat captains and how they are able to pull a big boat up to the wharf and get it next to the stairs when the wind is blowing them either away from the dock or pushing them too quickly towards the pier.  The boats definitely get more banged up this time of the year, there aren't many smooth landings.  

The Beal & Bunker boats have a bell up at the forward part of the cabin.  If the bell gets rung while under way you know it is real rough.  Not like you need a bell to tell you this, usually your stomach has filled you in by then.  

The ferry ride on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving was really rough.  I didn't hear the bell but another passenger told me days later that it rung a couple of times.  The only comfort I can gather from being on such a sloppy ride is that I am not the only person on the boat.  

If it gets too bad the captain doesn't hesitate to cancel the boat.  I have heard though the cancelling of boats is more of a recent occurrence.  In the days of old boats were never cancelled, something like only twice in 50 years is what I heard.  I guess we are getting a little soft out here.


aspect_ratio_16x9 said...

I'd like your permission to re-post this entry on my blog

I think the readers might enjoy your description of island life and the changing seasons. If you have some photos to include, that'd be great.

thank you, sandy

Cory said...

Sandy, I would not mind that at all. I'll try and add some photos in the next day or so. I am curious as to how you found my blog. I haven't advertised it at all. I am new at this and don't know how the word gets out, but I am grateful for your interest in me. Thank you very much. Cory

aspect_ratio_16x9 said...

Cory said...

Hi Sandy, Just a quick correction, my name is spelled Cory, not Corey.


aspect_ratio_16x9 said...

fixed, my apologies.

Martha Miller said...

glad you are feeling better, cory! thanks for the update on the weather out there - i'll bet that full moon was spectacular!! are you folks getting snow today?